A Better Way to Connect

Party Season Starts Back in August


What is a party?

Think "party" like: "Afresh, party of 8, your table is now ready."

A party is a smaller gathering of people who meet at different cafés to hang, eat and talk about life. These gatherings will take place every other week. What you will do is simply check out the schedule, choose a party, RSVP online, and we will see you at dinner!

Meet New People

Parties are fun and casual ways to meet and connect with people over dinner. There's no agenda, we really just want to create a space for community - a place to belong. 


If you are part of our online family, you can host a party wherever you are. Invite your friends to your party, and invite them to watch online with you. Your location doesn't have to limit your connection to Afresh!

Why Parties

Here are some of the benefits of a party:

  • Real connection & community in a normal public setting
  • Every-other-week fits our modern lifestyles
  • No pressure or uncomfortableness meeting in someone else's home
  • Definite time-frame (someone else is going to need your table)
  • Investing into our local economies
  • Building good relationships with local businesses and the church
  • We're taking the church outside of our walls and into our communities
  • Better connection, because only 8-10 people can fit at a table (which means we may have multiple tables across the cafe, which is really cool)
  • Food, fun & friends - what's not to love?!