Our students do everything the adults do at Afresh. They participate in worship, serve on teams, engage in groups, and practice generosity with their resources. Just like Afresh Kids and the adult groups, our student groups discuss what we're talking about on stage every weekend. This helps the whole family have a conversation and church and God that is moving in the same direction. This will help your family grow in faith together.

Student Groups

Sundays, 11am

  • hang-out time to get to know one another
  • casual chat about what we're learning on the weekends

This is just the beginning of what our student groups will look like, as we plan to have all-inclusive house parties where all students can connect, as well as groups divided into gender and grades 6-8, 9-10, 11-12.

Student Leaders
It's important for you to know that we strategically place people in student leadership who are passionate about seeing the move of God in the lives of students. These leaders' stories have shaped their ministry and opened the door for God to minister through them specifically to students. Each leader is hand-picked to lead a student group and is aware that this is the call of God for their life.