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Can I Follow Jesus and Accept Other Religious Ideologies Outside of Christianity?

FAQ // Part 2
Proverbs 2:6-8, Mark 9:40, Acts 17:22-23, Psalm 19:1 

God is the Source of all things, and all wisdom comes from God. If following Jesus looks like loving God and loving people, and other ideologies are pointing in that direction, it makes sense that their wisdom in that particular practice could only have come from God. That’s why Jesus said, “If they’re not against us they’re for us.” Paul saw this when people were worshiping the Higher Being, but calling him the Unknown God. Paul reveals that who they’re worshiping is really God the Father. If all creation reveals the nature of God, certainly our cultural religion isn’t the only one who picked up on that Here’s a wild thing to think about. Christ (eternal) existed long before Jesus in the flesh. John is clear that Jesus came incarnate to the world. Knowing how big our universe is, if we discovered life on another planet in another galaxy tomorrow, would Jesus be their Messiah too? Or was he only sent to Earth and God sent another Messiah to another planet to reveal the eternal Christ to them? One thing would be certain: God would still be the Source of it all al the Supreme Being over all and revealed through all. So our pursuit of God becomes the realization of the Divine’s presence in and through all, no matter what life looks like on any planet, which means there would always still be the eternal law of God: love for God through love for others. 

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