• The Art of Choosing Your Character

    We can act in ways that flaws our character

    Life is full of choices

     The choices we make today will determine the reality of tomorrow.

    Because of bad choices we have made, we have to experience consequences.

    Saying, “I am sorry”, is not enough to change our consequences.

    We have been given the right equipment to make right choices.

    To often we choose to play the victim instead of the victor.

    If you can pray for the person you don’t like it is hard to hate them.

    We need to practice empathy. We need live in empathy and not sympathy.

    Empathy looks like, being willing to weep with people. 

    We are not always called to have the “right answers” for people. 

    Don’t think you know it all.

    Insecure people insulate their own insecurity with insult.

    Do good, when other people are doing evil. 

    We become enslaved to others when we allow them to stay in our minds.

    Don’t let people own you in your own mind.

    We have to choose freedom we have to choose to walk it out.

    Jesus has freed us. Jesus has given us freedom, but you have to make the choice to step out of the prison.

    We don’t have to feed our reality with negative choices.

    We need to live today, what we hope tomorrow will be.


    Discussion Questions:

     1. How does it transform our minds when we are willing to bless those who persecute us?

    2. What does empathy look like? What is the difference between empathy and sympathy?

    3. How can our interactions with others change, if we are willing to sit down and have face-to-face conversation instead of using social media to make our points?

    4. What does it mean to you, to “live in harmony with each other”?

    5. What can we do to find freedom from people owning us in our own minds?

    6. Why is it so hard for us to make good choices that will determine our realities for tomorrow?

  • The Art of Communicating Your Faith

    Brainwashed Week 4
    Romans 12:9-10

    Communicating your faith can only be done in love.

    We can’t separate love and Jesus.

    Goal for all of us, is not perfection but progress.

    It is the declaration of your imperfection that allows you to see the perfection of Christ in you.

    We are called to speak life, not death.

    What if God is loving someone is done solely through you?

    If what you say isn’t what you believe can cause toxic stress. It will hurt you.

    We have lost the culture of honor. We have embrace the culture of entitlement.

    We can’t live a life of entitlement and really worship God.

    The amount of honor you show to dishonorable people is the amount of obedience you have given to Jesus.

    Love God by loving other people.

    Jesus honored us by giving His life to us?

    God’s image is all over people – no matter what.

    We get to love the world on God’s behalf, regardless…

    We are really good at arguing and really bad at giving grace.

    Discussion Questions:

    • How do we communicate our faith?
    • What are ways we can speak life into others? What does speaking life mean to you?
    • How can we honor one another? Especially those who are different from us?
    • How can we validate the value of all people?
    • What does it mean to give yourself grace? What does it it mean to give others grace?
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