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For Those Struggling in Faith Deconstruction

This week we asked the question: What about the Bible? 
If you missed the sermon, you can watch it back here.

Let's have a heart to heart for just a moment. I know we have a myriad of people at Afresh, full of beautiful diversity in every way. Some of you had no church experience before Afresh, some of you are retired ministers, some of you were hurt by the church, some of you are from other faiths, some of you are figuring it out, and some of you are totally committed. For some of you, your current faith journey with our church family is refreshing and full of limitless possibility. For others of you, your faith journey with us is scary, questionable, and sometimes a deep struggle. I want you to know that I see you, I hear you, and I love you. I was you - I am you. Hear me say to you that you're on this journey for a reason; and no step in your journey has been wasted. God is leading you to a greater purpose, and sometimes that only comes through an internal struggle of stepping out of your past and into your future - not always knowing what you believe, but knowing Who you believe. It's a difficult process to deconstruct your faith; it's a necessary process to deconstruct your faith. It's also a wonderful thing to allow a personal journey with God to reconstruct a life that reflects the person of Jesus. Personally, I sometimes find it tidy and comfortable and easier to just revert back to the understanding of faith I used to have, mainly out of fear. That's the trigger for me every time: fear. Fear is a terrible leader, and the antithesis of love; and I know God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love. I wasn't created to fit a mold. I wasn't created to have my pastor's faith, my parents' faith, or anyone else's faith. I am an apprentice of Jesus, and I have a unique journey with God that is universally connected with everyone else's unique journey in a supernatural way. So how I love God and love humanity matters, because it's all connected to my faith journey. Here's the beautiful thing: that struggle, that questioning, that tension - that's relationship with God. There's no destination to this journey; the journey is the destination. The pursuit is the purpose. So be encouraged in the struggle of your deconstruction. You are becoming more like Jesus, and who you are matters most. You need it, and the world needs you.

Lead me to become the person You created me to be, loving You completely and loving people selflessly.

I recommended two resources this weekend to help you in learning more about the topic of the Bible. Here they are for your convenience.

How the Bible Actually Works* by Pete Enns
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Making Sense of the Bible by Adam Hamilton
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