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Hearing God's Voice is About Responding

This week we asked the question: Why do I never hear from God?
If you missed the sermon, you can watch it back here.

God is always speaking. He speaks through creation, people, thoughts and impressions, and through anything and everything else that exists as well. But what difference does it make if I don't hear Him? Let me take it further. What difference does it make if I hear Him but don't respond. That's where everything starts to transform inside and out - when we respond to what God is saying to us. It's responding to the deep sorrow we feel for victims of sex trafficking by donating and volunteering. It's responding to the needs of your elderly neighbor by helping around their home or the overwhelmed person at work by giving them undivided attention to really listen to their story. It's a response, but it's an action. And it's transformative. So maybe you're learning to affix your eyes and ears to see and hear God around you. The question now becomes, are you responding?

As I hear Your voice speaking to me today in various ways, help me to see a clear way to respond.