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If We Discover Life in Another Galaxy, Is Jesus Their Messiah Too?

This week we asked the question: Can I follow Jesus and accept other religious ideologies outside of Christianity?
If you missed the sermon, you can watch it back here.

Let's blow your mind just a little. We have yet to explore the depths of our own galaxy, the Milky Way. We haven't even stepped foot on one of the other seven planets in our galaxy. We know that the universe is ever expanding, and we have discovered so many other galaxies that there are enough for every human to have six of their very own (that's around 50 billion galaxies)... and yet we can't even explore our own. But out of all of these billions of galaxies, there is a crum called the Milky Way, and a micro-dot in it called Earth, and these infinitely small particles called humans on Earth. Yet, "For God so loved the world (humanity) that He gave His one and only Son." These facts beg this question: If we discovered life in another galaxy, was Jesus sent to them to be their Messiah too? The chances of their being life in another galaxy far outweigh the likelihood of their not being intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. These musings reflect a theological principle called the Universal Christ (Universal referring to the universe), which basically encapsulates that God spoke the entire universe into existence through Christ, and Christ is revealed in all and through all of the universe. That same eternal Christ came to earth and became human, and they named him Jesus. And Christ as Jesus did what Christ always does - reveal who God is. And if Christ now lives in us, we should also reveal who God is to the universe, or at least our world. When we don't talk about the vast and spacious things of this nature, and we only think of our cultural religious understanding of things, we miss out on the depths of who God really is, and we're blind to seeing the universe from a higher perspective of reality, and we fail to truly follow Christ, revealing him to the world.

Open my eyes today to see Christ revealed in everything and everyone around me, and may my life reveal Christ to my world.