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Let's Imagine There Is No God

This week we asked the question: Can I follow Jesus and accept other religious ideologies outside of Christianity?
If you missed the sermon, you can watch it back here.

Imagine with me: it's 2019, the world is as we now know it, and there is no God. It wouldn't take long for someone to make the ontological argument that the intricate design of how nature works points to the genius of a Designer. The next obvious conclusion after realizing there is a God is that if He started all of this, He can just as quickly end it. Therefore, we have to honor the Designer. The next obvious conclusion would be that we as humans are a product of this Designer, and being the same species, we should look out for one another. It no longer matters our race, religion, orientation, or gender - we all have to be in this together since we're a mere product of the Designer. Thinking of that logical series of thoughts, it's no wonder the 10 commandments are what they are in respect to how we should honor God and how we should honor people. Furthermore, it makes a whole lot of sense now that Jesus summed up everything by saying, "Love God, and love people." Even when I strip every religion down to nothing and start with the absence of God, I still end up with the only logical approach to life and truth: Love God and love people. It really is that simple.

Help me to love You today by loving people, all people, well.