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Maybe God is Constantly Speaking to Me

This week we asked the question: Why do I never hear from God?

If you missed the sermon, you can watch it back here.

Much like an artist, God can be best known by the work He produces. We call it creation. Doesn't it make sense that if God blueprinted the universe to scientifically function in the intricate beauty that it does, He can impress our hearts and minds through the wonders of the universe? I think so. The question for me isn't so much if God is speaking as much as it is if I am listening, if I am looking, if I am intentionally aware. If I'm listening for God, I'll always hear Him. He may sound like a child who speaks the truth in innocence, or like an elderly grandparent passing on life's wisdom in their dying words. He may sound like the wind gently blowing on a warm day, reminding me that God is grace and peace for me. He may sound like the ocean's roar, reminding me that God transcends my strength and understanding. He may sound like absolute silence, reminding me that even when I am alone, He is within me. God may sound like a world leader, a poor immigrant, a wealthy business person, a homeless refugee, or a whimpering infant. God is always speaking through all of creation. Are you listening?

God, help me to hear your voice through the universe today as I am intentionally listening for You.