NXT is for those who want to pursue a calling in ministry at Afresh Church. 


You can teach skill, but you can’t teach passion. We don’t want people leading our church without a passion for the church. NXT is a way to teach skills and concepts to passionate people while giving them hands-on experience and in-depth ministry involvement at Afresh. NXT is how we raise up the next phase of leaders who will lead our church into the future God has called us to.


Interns will be challenged through practical learning environments that approach ministry in a progressive way, inspired through church culture teachings that shape the core essence of our church, and empowered through hands-on ministry experience at Afresh.


  • 60 minutes weekly for group learning (every other Sunday 2:00-3:00)
  • 8 hours on the weekend for ministry experience (Sunday 8am-1pm, 5pm-8pm)
  • Additional time throughout the week as needed for special projects/events in your ministry department