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Pain + Passion = Purpose

This week we asked the question: What is God's will for my life? 
If you missed the sermon, you can watch it back here.

What has been your greatest pain? Maybe your divorce was so devastating and defining that you haven't been able to move beyond the fact that you're now a divorcee. Maybe the loss of a loved one left you with a pain so deep you've been unable to get back to who you were before. Maybe someone took advantage of you in your past, and you've allowed it to become a barrier between you and your dreams. It can be a myriad of things, but it will be very specific to you. I want you to understand this: you cannot live in the pain of your past and fulfill God's purpose for your life today at the same time. In order to take hold of your purpose you have to let go of your past. It's been able to define you for too long, and your identity is not what happened to you, but Who is within you. Your pain will serve God's purpose for your life if you choose to move beyond it and minister to others going through it. What is your greatest passion? Wherever your passion and pain intersect, that's what you were made to do. If you live fully in your passion but never touch your pain, you'll never have a meaningful purpose. If you live fully in your pain but never touch your passion, you'll never have an enjoyable purpose. Your passion brings purpose to your pain, and your pain brings purpose to your passion. Together they are an unstoppable force of what God wants to do through your life to transform the world around you.

Help me to trust you with my pain and my passion, finding my true purpose in You.