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So Fresh and So Clean // Part 2
2 Peter 1:5-7

In view of everything from the previous verses (knowing everything we need is already within us… Jesus), our response to this promise should be supplementing our faith with the things listed in the passage. However, this passage seems to build these attributes like a mountain: faith being the foundation, love for all people being the pinnacle. Every item in the list is contingent upon the previous item, sequentially. In other words, you can’t have love for all people if you don’t first have love other believers, and you can’t love other believers if you don’t love like God, and you can’t love like God if you are not patient, and you can’t be patient if you don’t have self-control, and you can’t have self-control if you don’t have knowledge, and you can’t have knowledge if you don’t have moral excellence (striving to do the next right thing), and you can’t have moral excellence without faith. The context says, “In view of all this”, meaning if faith is the foundation, then Jesus is the bedrock on which the foundation has been laid.