Connect, belong, grow, and impact the world. This is TeenLead

The TeenLead program runs on the second Saturday or each month from 9am to 11am. During these meetings  we will include a time of leadership training followed by working in teams to solve real-world problems. The teens will explore local, national, and international issues that need solutions. Teams will be formed based on common interests in tackling specific problems. Each team will select a team captain from their peers. Adult facilitators will help the teams connect with the people and resources they need to solve the problem. 


Participants Will:

  • Discover authentic leader identity
  • Build collaborative team skills
  • Engage in innovative problem-solving
  • Explore ethical citizenship*Experience service learning
  • Make a real impact in the real world


There is no sign up sheet, just show up and have fun. We will also be providing some food for the teens. If you have any additional questions go ahead and contact us.

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What is the age range?

- 6th - 12th Grade.

Where and when do the meetings happen?

- The meetings will be at Afresh Church on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 9am-11am.

Can I help in anyway?

- Adults can help with the program. They must go through training with the director and background checks before being placed with the teens.