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The Checklist to Follow Jesus

This week we asked the question: Can I follow Jesus and accept other religious ideologies outside of Christianity?
If you missed the sermon, you can watch it back here.

We've chatted about a lot of things in this week's topic. Since we've been messing with our minds and challenging imaginary boundaries this week, let's take a brain break and talk about a two-item checklist. What's the checklist for? Glad you asked. This is the checklist to run an ideology or practice through to find out whether or not you should let go of it in order to follow Jesus in a more holistic way. (This checklist assumes, of course, that your goal is to follow Jesus.) Jesus said that the entire writings of the law and the prophets (and basically all of Christianity's components) can be summed up by loving God and loving people. Based on that foundational and core teaching of Jesus, here's a two-item checklist:

  1. Does it contradict who Jesus was or what Jesus taught?
    If so, let it go! If not, then ask #2.
  2. Does it cause me to love God and love people more?
    If not, let it go!

Lead me show my love for You by loving people more as I intentionally follow Jesus today.